A good place for new beginnings

I’m sitting at my kitchen table and listening to a podcast on the genesis of AIDS on my cell phone while trying to focus on creating something for this blog worth reading for all of you who will become a part of this journey…but I keep getting distracted by the sounds of buildings exploding and the equally loud musical renderings from a special episode of My Little pony that my youngest is watching on the iPad…in direct competition to the other iPad that my oldest daughter is watching. Both iPads cracked in multiple directions, both well-loved and appreciated during the limited time spans they are allowed unfettered access to their games.

This blog post should be an introduction to who I am and why I have chosen to embark on this likely overwhelming and possibly unsuccessful endeavor. I know that I should be telling anyone who is reading this that I am a perfectly healthy and balanced and continually grateful individual who knows exactly how to address my stressors in a healthy and forward thinking manner.

I’m not any of those things at all times. Oh, how I wish that I were…but no.

I just got bored of the first podcast…scanning for something else to listen too….The Story of Aaron Swartz is popping up….a documentary on Versace….hmmm…so many options but nothing is really pulling me. It must be the exploding buildings going off 3 feet away from me…what is she playing anyway? I should probably check to make sure it’s age appropriate…

Anyway, for now just a little bit about myself. My name is Debbie Lynn Bermudez and you should all know that I kept the name but divorced the husband, so please don’t expect an enticing accent when we speak on the phone to arrange an event or series of programming. I have lived a few places, but am Albertan through and through. I’m a number of other things as well, but the first descriptor that comes to mind is that I am a regular person.

I’m laughing to myself right now because that comment sounds pedantic and totally devoid of meaning. But I think it is really the everything of what we all are and of what we encounter. We are all individuals, all have professions or responsibilities, all struggle with our own adversity and we are all working to find what holds meaning in our lives and to help our children find it in their own.

My intention for providing programs like Zumba and mindfulness and the (seemingly magical) combination of physical activity and self-awareness presented together, is to offer opportunities for as many people as possible to experience something which I know can serve to make their lives better. Whether it is an adult for a day, or a child for a semester, or a series of classes for any age group. Every opportunity to re-center ourselves and just live and love and grow in some way is a worthy opportunity. It is this I am hoping to help offer to you and those you care for.

Life is about finding our perfect fit…tell me what you are looking for and let us see if I can meet those needs.

Wherever you and your children are is a good place to start.