These programs are priced for purchase by an agency, school or community group. Flat fee is paid and it can be offered to employees, students, clients or community members.

Pop Up classes and workshops do occur – pricing at that time would be set at a per person rate for registration. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified of upcoming workshops, classes and promotions!

Building Resiliency Through Mindfulness – 2 hours $225

Intended for adults, but accessible to youth 14+, this workshop endeavours to help participants better understand how stress negatively affects our mental and physical health while introducing meditation as one tool to combat these effects. It is a practical approach to building resiliency and wellness into our every day lives.

Mindful Youth – 1.5 hours $175

This workshop is a best fit for youth between 13-16 years. It introduces the practice of meditation, some

forms it can take including breathing techniques and activities. We end with a guided meditation.

Mindful Kids – 1.5 hours $175

Created to fit the needs of children between the ages of 8-12 years, this workshop introduces the practice of meditation through activities which allow them to experience a variety of mindful techniques, discuss their experiences and end with an age appropriate guided mediation.

Mini Mindfuls – 1.5 hours $175

Children ages 4-7 years of age have access to a large range of emotions but self awareness, and self regulation, are tools that can benefit with the introduction of mindfulness practices. We spend this session using moving mindfulness (activity based practices) to help children develop a vernacular for emotions they are experiencing and work in a group to outline some healthy responses to difficult situations.

Private Sessions can be offered to individuals and small groups. Both workshops and hour classes of guided meditation are available. Contact us for pricing.